Is Eugene's Time up on 'The Walking Dead?'
Is Eugene's Time up on 'The Walking Dead?'
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Eugene is in a really tough spot on The Walking Dead. When it came time to choose, he chose Negan, so now Rick and friends are not happy. In fact, Rick didn't hesitate to tell Rosita to set off the explosives to kill Eugene and the Saviors in "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life." But Negan knows something is up. He's skeptical that Eugene might have helped Sasha die to throw off his plan. So, how much time does Eugene have left before someone just gets annoyed at him and kills him?

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Watch His Back

As soon as they get back to the Sanctuary, Negan asks Eugene how Sasha could have died in the coffin. He immediately thinks Eugene helped in some way, which he did. Quickly thinking, Eugene simply says that Sasha suffocated because the coffin was airtight. A very plausible reason, though it's clear Negan remains skeptical. In fact, Eugene should probably watch his back very closely -- any one of Negan's "wives" could turn on him. He has no friends there, though perhaps Dwight could help him out at some point.

It's a shame Negan is skeptical of Eugene, as Eugene was very quick to pledge his loyalty to Negan. And he was also very quick to provide a distraction when the Saviors arrived at Alexandria.

How Many Lies?

How many lies can Eugene tell before Negan realizes he's full of it, though? Can he keep up the charade? He did manage to lie to Abraham and Rosita, and eventually Rick and his crew about having a contact in Washington. Since he's a chameleon, he does adapt to his surroundings.

Maybe Negan won't figure it out. Dwight managed to slip out and lie to Negan without him knowing. And Sasha managed to pull one over on Negan too. But I would hope Negan is smarter than that. He didn't build up his army of Saviors by being dumb. I'm sure he has something in store for Eugene and eventually Dwight.

Can He Go Home?

At this point, Eugene's option of escaping and heading back to Alexandria could be done. He pledged his allegiance to Negan in front of Rick and his friends, disappointing a lot of people. Rick, though upset, didn't have an issue with possibly killing Eugene. And Rosita didn't hesitate at all to push the trigger to detonate the explosives.

But what would happen if Eugene escaped and begged for forgiveness? Would Rick and everyone be able to trust him again? Would Eugene even do that? If Rick defeats Negan, will Eugene be able to fit back in with his community? Would they forgive him then?

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Limited Options

Eugene has limited options at this point. If I were him, I'd try to befriend some Saviors and really let Negan know I'm loyal. I'd like to believe that Rick may forgive Eugene if he goes back to Alexandria, but it would really tough. Perhaps Eugene's best option is to just run away and live on his own like Carol did for a bit. But we all know Eugene won't do that given his history on The Walking Dead.

What do you think Eugene should do to save himself? Do you think Negan will eventually find out about the pill he gave Sasha? Do you think Rick should forgive Eugene and trust him again? Would you trust him at all at this point? Let us know in the comments below.

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