Did Jadis Choose the Wrong Side on 'The Walking Dead?'
Did Jadis Choose the Wrong Side on 'The Walking Dead?'
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
For someone who used to ask people three questions before trusting them on The Walking Dead, Rick trusted Jadis and her garbage people pretty quickly. And his decision quickly backfired on him in "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life." But Rick won't forget. And even though Negan and Jadis have a deal, would he protect her group if it came down to it? Because Rick won't hesitate to take Jadis and her people out if the opportunity arises. So, in the end, she probably chose the wrong side.

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Trust No One but Your Own

Rick really should have just trusted his own people. Even with newcomers, such as Jesus and eventually the Kingdom, he vetted them before truly trusting them. Jesus definitely went through the wringer to earn Rick's trust. And Morgan had been at the Kingdom for a bit, so Rick trusted Morgan to tell him the truth.

But Jadis and the garage people -- he knew them for a hot minute. In fact, from what he saw, he should have known she was going to turn quickly. Rick met the group when they kidnapped Gabriel and wiped out their supplies. But yet after he battled their steel walker, he immediately made a deal with them. Weapons for loyalty. Not a smart move on is part.

Now that she's betrayed him, though, watch out. Rick holds grudges. He may not strike right away, but he will strike. This is how the whole war on Negan came about anyway. So why wouldn't he strike back against Jadis?

Negan's Protection Only Goes So Far

Jadis might have made a deal with Negan. But the details of that deal are sketchy. It seems they are just suppliers for the Saviors, like every other group out there. But they haven't pledged their loyalty. They don't go around chanting, "I am Negan," as Negan likes his Saviors to do. So when if it came down to it, would Negan protect Jadis and her people? And would he protect them against Rick? Most likely not, especially if a tiger is involved.

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A Better Deal

In the end, even though I think everyone should side with Team Rick, Jadis felt the deal Negan offered her was better. Perhaps this is because Negan threatened to kill members of her group. But as I said, Rick will seek revenge. He will find a way to hurt Jadis and her group.

Rick offered an alliance. What would Jadis get out of that alliance other than freedom from Negan and the Saviors? Perhaps that's not what she wants. Rick will also offer trade, if Jadis wants. And if she wants her group to be left alone, he offers that too. So why would she choose Negan over Rick?

Which side would you choose on The Walking Dead? Would you easily declare your loyalty to Negan like Eugene? Or would you just make a deal like Jadis? Or would you fight back like Rick and the other communities? Let us know in the comments below.

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